Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Music Review: Master of Puppets - Metallica

        Master of Puppets is officially known as the best heavy metal album of all times. It's the most complete, you've got the faster tracks, slower tracks, epic tracks, ballads, etc. Hetfield's harsh vocals are perfect, Ulrich's drumming is superb, Hammet's guitar playing is fast and heavy, just as it should always be, and Cliff Burton's bass brings me to tears with its beauty. Let's go over each of the songs... from worst to best.

1. Leper Messiah - Fast guitars in a slow tempo, a good song, but not as great as the others.
2. Damage Inc. - The last song Cliff Burton recorded, a good, fast track with a higher tempo, but still not as epic as the others.
3. Orion - This song is the third, because, although it's one of the best, it lacks Hetfield's incredible vocals. This song is a great example of Burton's bass skill.
4. The Thing That Should Not Be - A song inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Kthulhu Mythos. The song stays with the theme that humanity in the end isn't important in magnitude to the universe.
5. Welcome Home Sanitarium - Takes the same structure of One, it slowly builds up until it suddenly erupts into this epic fast piece and guitar solo.
6. Battery - This song starts with three acoustic guitars, and suddenly turns into one of the hardest, fastest tracks Metallica's ever done. This song has a lot of soloing, almost snarling vocals, and some of the best drumming Ulrich's ever recorded.
7. Disposable Heroes - This song doesn't lie. It starts fast, it ends fast, it has the hardest riff Metallica's ever done, Hetfield screams and screams, plays like a madman, Hammett performs solos beyond your imagination, Burton's base somehow keeps up, and Ulrich's drumming is too damn fast.
8: Master of Puppets - Many of you recognize Metallica's most famous song, Master. This song has an unforgettable verse, chorus, and its melodic bridge isn't easily forgotten either. Its solos are impressive and really this song is the finest piece Metallica's ever recorded, and the best song you can find in Heavy Metal.

        So, I hope that those of you who aren't such fanatics of Heavy Metal find some interest in this masterpiece, as no record has ever been done with such glory, except the great classics like Stairway to Heaven.