Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Top 5: False Stereotypes

        Anywhere you go, you're bound to find somebody saying some kind of stereotype like "Emo kids cut themselves", or "That blonde's really stupid", but really, many of these stereotypes are false. Let's see some of them:
5: Native Americans
        Native Americans have both good and bad stereotypes. They're said to be a peaceful race, in touch with their spirits, while it's also said that they're drunkards who love to gamble. Their skin's usually drawn as red, and they're usually depicted as smoking from a peace pipe, wearing face paint, or dancing around totem poles. They're also said to own casinos or be in a family who owns a casino. The same usually goes for inuits.
4: African Americans
        Usually depicted as lazy, cannibalistic, tribal, sporting afros, uncivilized, and un-Christian, mostly because they used to be slaves, working in cane fields, or piling up cotton. Here they're usually portrayed as lazy and good Blues performers. They have another image, for example, the eternally happy Louis Armstrong. There are also the blacks who are afraid of ghosts, the middle aged maids, like Aunt Jemina. More recently, they're portraid as great athletes and good artists.
3: Latin Americans
         The latinos are usually said to be criminals, but it turns out that less than 1% of news stories are about Latinos, when they make up 13% of the U.S. population. They're also depicted as being from one single homogeneous group, without a specified origin. If one is specified, it's usually Mexico or Puerto Rico.
2: Mexicans
        We mexicans are widely misunderstood. Though many of the stereotypes are relevant, they're usually false. Here's a small list: we're usually dirty, wearing a sombrero, riding a burro, sleeping under a cactus, drinking tequila, gardeners, good swimmers, love tacos, are dumb, love soccer, are excellent boxers, have an accent, are illegal immigrants, unmotivated, and have a hundred kids cause we don't know how to put a condom on.
1: Jews
         Ah, the Juden. The guys that killed Jesus. These have many, many stereotypes. They're said to be wealthy, and intelligent. They also have large, hook noses. There's also the Jewish American Princess, said to be neurotic and materialistic. Jew mothers are said to be protective, proud, and controlling. South Park, anyone? Kyle's mother is portrayed as such.

          So, in the end, it's up to you to believe these stereotypes. I know people of each of these races who aren't what their stereotypes say about them. Now that we've reviewed these stereotypes, use your judgement so you can choose to believe them or not.