Thursday, April 28, 2011

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What To Do If You're Being Robbed

        Many men believe that the day they'll be robbed they'll spring into action and take the assailant out. This is extremely stupid and under no circumstances should be tried unless you're in some kind of special forces. Just imagine this scenario: There's a guy holding a gun to your head. He's asking for your car keys or your wallet. If you make any sudden movements, he'll shoot without hesitation, and then take your stuff anyways. If you're with your family, he could hurt them too. Don't panic. The best thing you can do is comply, give him your car keys or your wallet, or your watch, whatever, nothing's as valuable as your life is. Once the robber gets away, report him to the police, give them any info they ask for.
        This is a scary experience, so if your children saw you being mugged, they might need help. The same goes for your wife, as women do get strong emotions all the time. Also, to prevent your house being robbed at night, look for a company that can install alarms, so if a robber comes in at night, you'll immediately know. Robbers are usually scared by these alarms.  So remember, don't panic, comply, and immediately call the police.