Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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5: Well Made Soundtracks

        In the movie world, every movie has to have its own soundtrack. It is a way the atmosphere is created for the movie. Many composers strive to make the best soundtrack, but only a few make it up to the big leagues. Here are a few that did their movies very well.

5: Tron: Legacy-Daft Punk

        This band, known for doing very good techno music, agreed with Disney to make the soundtrack for Tron: Legacy. The music goes well with the visuals, and gives the film this cool, futuristic style. It goes from fast-paced to slow-paced when it has to, and does not dissapoint. 

4: Inception/Dark Knight-Hans Zimmer

        These go together because they are so similar in style. The difference, though, is that the soundtrack for Inception is based on a song. Remember the French song that they used for the musical countdown? Well, that song, Non, je ne regrette rien, by Edith Piaf, is slowed down beyond recognition. Of course, Zimmer adds his own parts to the song, but in some parts, for example, near the end, when you hear these extremely loud trumpets, it is that exact song, but really slowed down. The Dark Knight has its own mention, because, well, you know, Batman. 

3: Harry Potter-John Williams and others

        In the continuing (and almost ending) story of the brave magician, the music has a perfect fit. At first, it was gleeful, which was where John Williams fit in. Then, it started to get darker and more gloomy, which helped a bit with the whole atmosphere suggesting that "all is lost". The rhythms are memorable, especially those from the first movies, and they get heavier each time, which is good. Any good soundtrack needs a hell of a lot of emotion. 

2: Pirates of the Caribbean-Hans Zimmer

         Although the Pirates movies have gradually gotten worse, you have to admit that the music gets better and better. I was impressed with the music since the first film. What I noticed was that each movie had its own theme. For example, the first one was based more around Jack Sparrow, the song about the character. The second movie is based around the song of The Kraken and Davy Jones. The third one is more about the song of Thieves and Beggars, and the fourth one has a Spanish feel, thanks to Rodrigo and Gabriela, who composed guitars alongside Zimmer. Really, the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks are my favorite of them all. But, there is one left that can be recognized by way more people...

1: Star Wars-John Williams

        One of the most dramatic soundtracks, the Star Wars universe could not be the same without it. Like Harry Potter, the music got heavier and heavier with each consecutive film, and some of the new songs are actually pretty great. More music is being composed for the new video games and T.V shows, and really, there will never be a soundtrack as good as this one.