Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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How To: Speak In Public

        Many times in one's life, one is going to be forced to speak in public. Be it to make an announcement, a surprise party, an assembly, there is a wide variety of circumstances in which you can be chosen to speak publicly, and it's a great experience, but one that's widely missed out because people are afraid of what could happen. Here's a few tips on how to do better in public speeches.

        First of all, don't be nervous and think about the audience's thoughts. Why? This is the prime source the fear of public speaking comes from. Instead, think, for a moment, that anything they say or do won't affect you at all, because in the end, that's really true. Critiques will come, maybe there well be booing, but the best possible scenario is always better than the worst possible scenario.

        Practice your speech and pronounciation. I have seen way too many people go up to speak in public only to get tongue twisted. You don't have to learn the speech by heart. Learn to improvise a little, practice different ways to tell a same thing, and give it some feeling. Also, speak clearly, and do not speed up to finish a sentence. You don't want to vomit words, you want to give a clear message.

        Enjoy. Many people can give a speech, but will screw it up in the last minute because they clearly didn't enjoy it. A speech is said with gusto, of course, depending on the audience, what kind of gusto. You're not going to give a humorous speech for the mayor and you're not going to be the best man and give a serious speech. Know your audience, and in the end, just have fun with it, you'll have a great anecdote for the guys at the bar.