Monday, May 16, 2011

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My thoughts on: The Goodbye Prank

        Every year, in my school, the ninth graders do a prank as a way to say goodbye. The teachers don't hate us for it, in fact, for them it's protocol. See, in Mexico we students get along very, very well with our teachers, unlike other places, so they don't really hate us for it.

        There have been some creative pranks. One time the whole generation went to the courts and laid themselves down in the form of a peace sign. Others have done hide-and-seek with the teachers. Others just ran around. You get the idea, it's supposed to be fun.

        It started perfectly. Recess was ending, and we were determined to have a good time. So we started running to one side of the school, if a teacher was coming, we ran to another part, and there was this guy with a huge speaker playing reggaeton, which is very much listened to in Mexico. We literally got around through the whole school, and trust me, it's kind of big.

        Tragedy struck when a few teachers managed to corner some of my friends. They were immediately taken back to class. We kept running, and suddenly the more daring guys started hitting the lockers, throwing benches away, throwing the garbage cans around, and literally behaving like a bunch of punks. Then, some guys had somehow managed to sneak in tuna and eggs, and started thowing them around. That was wrong, vandalism is off limits. I mean, the school is like our second home, we've been here and known each other for ten years. So, after a half hour of nonstop running, we got cornered, and, like the huge, happy family we are, we got screwed so hard by the teachers. They canceled our mariachi the next day, gave us major reports, canceled the eccented students, etc., etc.

        Moral of the story? If you're going to do the prank someday, don't go too far. I had a feeling something was wrong, and I didn't act on it. What happened in the end? I got screwed hard. Even though I didn't take part in the bench and food throwing, I was part of the group, and as such I was represented by the guys who did that, in a way of speaking. Ironically, those of us in the honor roll paid out more than the lazy kids. If you're going to do it, good, have fun. Just, don't overdo it, and try not to get hurt, as there have been years where tragedy struck.