Saturday, May 7, 2011

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My Thoughts On: The Mosley vs. Pacquiao Fight

        When I'd heard that these two boxing legends were going to brawl, I have to say, I was extremely excited. All night, I was waiting for the fight. The two men had artists singing for them while they were walking to the ring. It seemed like it was going to be the fight of the year.
        Needless to say, the first round was all right. The rest of the fight was the problem. I was extremely disappointed, as Mosley didn't do a damn thing. He only kept blocking and blocking. He didn't try to knock Manny out. The fight almost put me to sleep.

        At one point, Sugar Shane even pushed the Pac-Man to the ground, which angered him. Rageful, Pacquiao kept trying to take Mosley down, but the damn guy never let the other one hit him. Really, this fight was an embarrassment to watch. Mosley's a pussy.