Sunday, June 26, 2011

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5: Extremely Dangerous Jobs

               Everybody likes a little danger. Imagine having to live with it every day, and get low pay for it. These are a few jobs in which people risk their lives for a few bucks to put food on their tables. 

5: Skyscraper Window Cleaners

                Imagine going to Dubai, knowing you have to go more than 100 stories high, climb out the window, and start cleaning them. Hundreds, thousands of windows a day. These guys don't have handles to grab on, no safety equipment at all. They just grab sponges and start wiping. 


4: Miners

               Do you remember the incident at Chile? The one where 33 miners stayed trapped, and they all got out? Well, that's a one-in-a-million case. Miners usually break bones, have limbs cut off by falling rocks, get crushed by stones, etc. So, yeah, if you need money, get into a car wash, not a mine. 


3: Loggers

               These guys have enough balls to climb a tree while it's going down. I think that their balls are the ones that take the tree down in the first place. These are trees thirty inches wide, that are usually on slopes. Cut if off wrong, and it'll roll and crush anybody in its path. The trees can have dead branches the guys call "widow makers". Also, there are chainsaw accidents. One of the teeth of one cain broke once, for example, and went through bulletproof glass. 


2: Deminers

                It's hard not to blow up mines when your balls make you heavier, but these guys can manage it. It's more effective to do it manually than with a machine. These guys remove land and naval mines, manually, while a scientist would do it with robotic hands behind bulletproof glass. 


1: Construction Workers

                This could be the most dangerous job of them all. These men have to work building story, after story, after story. They have a few famous pictures, actually. And, yes, the BLS reports that their most common cause of death, is, obviously, falling.


                     So, those of you who think that running out of coffee is an emergency, just think about these guys, and how they're always going to be better than you. I'm joking, go to your electric Prius and drive home happily.