Monday, June 27, 2011

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5: Fake Old Wives' Tales

              So, you've always had trustworthy advice coming from your mom. So, how true is this? Why would we listen without actually knowing what she's trying to tell us? Let's look at a few of these myths...

5: Eating Before Swimming

               You've always heard about this. Do not eat at least an hour before swimming or you'll get cramps. The Red Cross actually said that it doesn't affect cramping at all, but you should wait a bit to digest, especially if you ate a lot of fat. Also, don't eat while swimming, that's just plain stupid. 


4: Catching A Cold

                 There's a bunch of myths about how to catch a cold, but really, there's only one single way. You need the virus to enter your system. You can go out to the extreme cold, wet, you'll be all right. In fact, many people get sick in winter because they stay inside, many times with somebody who has the cold. Also, the medicines that they give you are usually placebos with a painkiller. 

Lemonade? Wait. EWWWWWWW.

3: Watching T.V.

                How many times haven't you heard that watching too much T.V. will leave you blind? Or reading in dim light? Well, it turns out that because of evolution, that doesn't damage our eyesight at all; our eyes are adapted for different levels of lighting. Of course, too much T.V. makes you stupid and agressive. So, yeah, there's a small downside there. 

See, ma? I'm not going blind! Also, I'm beautiful!

2: If You Crack Your Knuckles, You Get Arthritis

               While cracking knuckles reduces you capacity to grip, it doesn't really do much more. Why? Because you're actually popping littles balls of gas, not bones. 

What did you say about cracking knuckles?

1: Spicy Food Causes Ulcers

                 Although ulcers have many origins, spicy food is not one of them. It aggravates them. It's usually caused by consuming too much medicine, especially aspirin and anti-inflammatories. Imagine, everybody in India would have ulcers. 


                     So, when you hear an old wives' tail, be an ass and tell those people they're wrong. Nobody will believe you, but the truth is always a burden...