Thursday, June 16, 2011

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5: Misunderstood Mental Disorders

              So a lot of people can have trouble with their mind sometimes. You know, it backfires on you. So, a lot of people don't really understand the disorders that occur once that happens? Why? A lack of a proper education on the subject. Don't worry, I'm here to enlight you on these problems...

5: Eating Disorders

               So, an eating disorder usually involves eating very little, purging what you eat, overeating, or worrying excessively about your image. Not even researchers know where these disorders could originate. Usually, you'd think only females have this, but a lot of men also have these small problems. People also think that it's done for attention, well no, it's a sort of way to deal with stress. 

It's either this or she bites her nails.

4: OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

                If you think of OCD you could think of Sheldon from the Big Bang theory. How he'd always want to sit in the same place, eat the same food, knock three times, all that repetitive stuff. Well, really it's just that these people's minds have recurring thoughts, which gives them the need to act them out. It's hereditary, and though people think that they can't function well in society, really, they can, and they want to get rid of their OCD to have a normal life. 

Stop it, damn you!

3: Autism

                 Autism is a mental disorder which can be diagnosed from a young age. It hinders your social abilities and your ability with language, repetitive body movements, etc. Its origins are not known. There's a theory that it comes from diet, mercury poisoning, and even vaccines. Some people also think autists are mentally retarded, but that's not so. Einstein, Mozart, and even the mastermind Steven Spielberg is an autist.

Who called me stupid?

2: Depression

                  One of the most common mental disorders out there, depression's usually thought of as mental weakness, but it's mostly a chemical imbalance in the mind. Really, it doesn't go away on its own, and anybody with depression should get professional help. 

I think we can relate. The pizza got there on the 29th minute.

1: Schizofrenia

                   So, schizos are famous for hearing voices in their head. Well, that's partly true. They see hallucinations, too, and can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. They have twisted thoughts and have trouble socially. Schizos are also said to be violent, but they're normal people really. T.V. and cinema are what made them seem like that. 

                    Well, there you have it. So, the next time you want to say something about depression or schizofrenia, watch your words. You don't know if your brain could turn on you sometime. Think about it...

Or I eat the baby!