Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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5: Overrated Band Members

               All right, so a while ago I wrote about underrated band members, and now, I'm going to talk about their counterparts. You know, those who were worshipped but weren't really all that great. Let's take a small look...

5: Kurt Cobain

                While the guy had talent, you have to admit, his rhythms weren't that complicated, which made it easier for him to scream while playing. Oh yeah, have you ever heard him live? Yeah, he wasn't all that great once you stop to think about it. 

4: Axl Rose

Yeah, not a douche at all.

                 Yeah, the infamous redhead. Some say he is Gn'R. Well, he's the only original member left (and Dizzy, if you count him), and listen to Guns today. He was actually the dumb f*ck who ruined Guns n' Roses in the first place, so consider that in your calculations. 

3: Bono

You shall never find a photo of Bono without his sunglasses.

                 Really, this guy's just funny. Yeah, he's Irish, and we all love a guy who can get piss drunk and have fun with it, but he's kinda convinced he's U2, and he's always in the center of attention for some reason. Yeah, he can sustain a good voice, but that's kind of all he can do. 

2: Chad Kroeger

Seriously dude, Nickleback just sucks.

1: Kirk Hammett


                  I love Metallica, but when Mustaine left the band, Cliff Burton was the guy in charge of songwriting. After Cliff, Hetfield kept writing. Hammett is just an imitation of Mustaine's playing. He's good, yes, but not original. Sorry, Kirk.