Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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5: Underrated Band Members

        Every band's got the talented guy, and the others who back him up. Then, they all have this one guy who nobody really cares about. Let's go over some of the guys nobody really pays attention to:

5: Krist Novoselic

This, right here, is what Grunge is all about.

        Nirvana's bass player. How many times have you heard someone comment on his bass playing?  He had some damn awesome bass lines in songs like Lithium, or Blew. He had this great chemistry with the band, and really, although nobody gave a f*ck about him, he was a great band member. Except for this one time he screwed up.

4: Izzy Stradlin

Huh? I look like a girl? Good.

        Although you will hear many people talking about him, nobody likes this guy as much as they like Slash. And trust me, Izzy was just as important to the writing process as Saul Hudson was, and he was one of the best god-damned guitar players in the glam scene. He was the member who let Slash do an audition (first with L.A. Guns), and he was the one who convinced Axel (and that was so damn hard) to let Hudson stay in Guns n' Roses.

3: Ringo Starr

No ma'am, I am not a registered sex offender.

        Of course, the excluded Beatle had to appear. He was the awkward one, with the weird little mustache and weird wardrobe, but his drumming was far more complex than anybody gives him credit for. You can ask one of my friends, been drumming for 7 years and still can't figure out some of his rhythms. He made some of the most memorable drum beats, even though you don't remember.

2: Johnny Christ

Totally subtle, everyone loves ya.

        The bass player for Avenged Sevenfold. I'm going to tell you this, if you're a bass player, do not expect as much glory as your fellow band members. You'll be disappointed. Now, this guy, he's great, he's excellent, and it's very, very hard to keep up with some bass riffs as hard as his, then played at a high speed, the guy's really excellent. Still, everybody pays attention to The Rev, or Synyster Gates, or Matt Shadows. Even Zacky Vengeance! Where's the love for the bassist?

1: Alex Van Halen

He's the charming one. No, really.

        All right, so when you hear Van Halen, who do you think of? Eddie. Or David Lee Roth. Never Alex, and though he's created some of the sweetest drum beats in the history of history, nobody really pays as much attention to him as much as they do to Eddie. Why? Because Ed's a god, you've gotta admit. It's hard to live in the shadow of your totally awesome brother (well I don't, but I assume it's hard).