Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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The Attitude Needed To Play Bioshock

           So I had a craving to play Bioshock, a super successful video game, and got it. A player for this game needs a die-hard attitude, he needs to be one who tells everybody else to f*ck off and doesn't care. He doesn't get scared with anything, especially the dark. He knows how to act in a situation of panic, and he knows how to-


               Basically, you need to be able to react quickly. I had a situation where I lost about a full magazine of machine gun bullets because I aimed in panic. The first thing if you get in panic is to calm the hell down and find cover. If you can't handle it, change to your wrench, damn it! That way you don't waste ammo.

               So these guys, these splicers, they're not hard to kill, but they're great at sneaking up on you. Then, you see ghosts, and enemies suddenly appear. Once you get used to things creeping up on you, you're able to use pistols and machine guns. It was such a relief to see that I could use a shotgun. Why? Buckshots. You've got a nice spread with that gun. I gave the old one-two. Electric blast then shotgun blast. It's the most efficient killing method of all. Also, if there's a bunch of enemies on the water, blast em.

Just make sure you're not there with them, too.
                Also, there are these little girls called Little Sisters (Duh), which you can kill to get ADAM, which is used to buy powers and sh*t like that, or you can rescue them and after a few sisters saved you get a reward. It's kinda useful to rescue them, for a reason. There are these guys called Big Daddies. They are these huge guys with their head on their chests and a drill for a hand. They're powerful, and can blur your vision by punching the floor. After that, they'll charge and send you flying, then punch you again. I need a power to control them, "Hypnotize Big Daddy". Now, I've already killed two in a row, and wasted all my ammo and life kits. These guys are cruel. In fact, I couldn't handle the panic with them. I blasted them with electricity, then a shotgun blast, and before I could shoot again, the Big Daddy was already punching the floor and charging.

He cannot be stopped! I was revived twice to be able to kill this guy. Well, two of them.
                  If he charges, blast him with electricity and wait a bit. Then, electrocute him again. Then keep shooting away and look for cover. Of course, you're getting tips from a guy who's playing for the first time, but for me it has worked up until now. Once you kill one of these, you'll appreciate the easiness of the splicers...

You know, just... be a badass.