Sunday, June 26, 2011

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How To: Get Over Writer's Block

               I get a lot of writer's block. It happens to me about every time I want to post something on this blog. I can take all day trying to figure out a small topic to write for you guys. Yeah, it's hard to get over writer's block, but sometimes, you just have to. So, how do you get over writer's block?

               First of all, have a small list of what you want to write about. Once you write about something, cross it off. Any time you can, add to the list. This way, you'll never run out of ideas. If you did one oddly popular post, try to do a series of it. For example, I could be writing more about ghost sites. Why? Because the Mexican Ghost Sites post was actually fairly popular. 

               Another thing you can do is write about the news. I did a small series of posts about a supposed Syran blogger who had been kidnapped, and then turned out to be a hoax. After that, I found the identity of the girl from the pictures. Why did I write about it? Because I saw it, and thought it was an interesting story. 

Really, it was a huge violation of her privacy.

               Also, there's events. I wrote about the goodbye prank, the Beatles tribute, games, fights, anything I see that I think should have a bit of coverage. I did a mediocre post when Osama died (I was just starting the blog), and really, anything interesting you hear about should be inspiration enough. 

               You can also join writing forums. You can get ideas for posts. I'm trying to collaborate with Cracked, and I've gotten a few possible ideas. You know, you get information fed, and you try to make a good article out of that. And really, you don't even need people to suggest ideas to you. I got robbed once, and I dediced to make an article about how to act if you're being robbed. Really, it's just being inspired by life itself. It's not so hard.


                 There's also controversies and stuff like that. You can write of religion, crime, science, ect. The possibilities are endless. So, there you have a few ideas to get over your writer's block. Use them well, because it's kind of hard to deal with it if unprepared.