Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Movie Review: X-Men First Class

        So, Friday a buddy of mine told me to go see the X-Men movie with him, so I said yeah. I needed something to do, so why wouldn't I go? I wasn't really expecting much, the series was turning for the worse, especially with Origins. I thought it would be worse, and really, the movie surprised me.

        The actors were great, the storyline exeeded expectations, and really, everything about the movie was great. I loved how small, subtle psychological changes could actually affect everything in the storyline. It was all very well thought of, and it was an excellent prequel to the story of the X-Men trilogy.

        What was impressive was the involvement the characters were given with WWII and the Cold War. Every action they did had a consequence on the conflict between U.S.A. and Russia. The movie has great historical situations and really, as I mentioned before, impressed me. The soundtrack's good, not that memorable, but still good, and, I emphasize, the actors' performance was excellent. I suggest you see this film, it's way better than Origins.