Friday, June 3, 2011

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My Thoughts On: The Drugstore Cowboy

        Mike Donohue runs a drugstore, and in one occasion, two hours after picking out a guy from a police linup who robbed his store, he got robbed again. The robber demanded Oxycontin, like the five other thieves. Oxyconting is a painkiller known for being abused frequently.

        "My technician came back and showed me the note that said, 'Give me your OxyContin. I have a gun,' " Donohue said. Instead of giving the medicin, Mike got a Glock 19 handgun from his pocket. He sprinted to the entrance of the pharmacy and pointed the gun with 15 hollow point bullets to the robber's head. "Down!" he yelled. The thief dashed out the door, with Mike chasing him.

        Now, the thing about the Glock. It's the only plastic pistol. It's semiautomatic, accurate, polymer grip, has drop safety (it doesn't shoot if you drop it), it's almost as hard as a diamond, works in extreme conditions and shoots even underwater.

        Donohue claims that this type of crime is skyrocketing, and says that he has friends who have been pushed to the floor with a gun pointing at their heads. He claimed that his friends are leaving their professions to go under less risk.

        Now, apparently, thieves robbing pharmacies are looking for Oxycontin. Washington is a hotspot for this type of crime. In the last three years, there have been more than 200 robberies of this kind. Supposedly, robbers sell Oxycontin for $1 a milligram. This means that a bottle of 60-80 pills can cost up to $5,000. There are a few doctors that have even refused to sell Oxycontin.

        So, why am I writing about this? Because the world needs more badasses like Mike Donohue. If you think differently, then take your complaints to him.

Oh, excuse me. I thought you wanted some Oxycontin...