Saturday, June 18, 2011

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My Thoughts On: The Prom

             Fellow students, congratulations, you earned it. Tonight was a great night. We had to go to church and then take a photoshoot in the blazing sun, at 42 degrees Celcius (yeah, with suits and stuff), and then we went to the Atrium, a small dome-shaped club at the top of a building. 

            While we had dinner, some band started playing, and these two guitar players started playing flamenco. It was impressive, but really had nothing to do with prom. Then, they started playing music which was really for the parents, and then they went to eat dinner. While they rested, they played a video showing pictures of us when we were in kindergarten and elementary, and a few pics of junior high. 

            After seeing the pics (and eating dessert) we started dancing. They started playing old spanish rock, then a bit of country, some rock n' roll, samba, Grease music, and more mainstream music like Pitbull and Shakira. In the end my feet were aching, and I kept dancing, until I really couldn't take another step. 

            Even though this was the last time I would see the whole generation together, I know that they'll always have a place in my mind and heart. I say again, congratulations, you guys deserve it, and I hope we meet again someday. Farewell, good luck, and godspeed.