Monday, June 13, 2011

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What The...?

         Remember a few days ago I wrote about a Syrian girl who blogged about the political situation in her country? Well, yesterday, a post appeared, quite suspicious, and today, the situation's been confirmed. Amina Arraf is actually a 40-year old American who wanted to write about problems in the Middle East but thought he wouldn't be understood, so he created a false identity. An Arab woman, which was surely going to be heard. He took photos from a girl he didn't know, gave her an identity, and started posting with her name.

So, who the hell is this girl?

         The question will possibly never be answered. The blogger claims he's hurt people, and asks for forgiveness. He said he wanted to kill off his character, so he'd apparently have her kidnapped and killed. Well, now he confessed. As he wrote in his blog:

"Statement Regarding the Gay Girl in Damascus Blog

Tom MacMaster

Istanbul, June 13, 2011

I am the sole author of this blog and have always been so. Any and all posts on the blog are by me."

          Well, at least you were a voice of democracy when nobody else would say anything. So, yeah, you helped a bit, man, but really, you should've used your own name, damn it.