Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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What's up with the missing Syrian blogger?

        Kids, Syria's a country well known for its opposition to just about everything, and recently, a fellow blogger was abducted. They call her the "Gay Girl In Damascus". I just want to remind you, homosexuality's kind of illegal in Syria. Amina Abdallah, a Syrian English teacher, who blogged about the falling government, was kidnapped by three armed men on her way to a meeting.

        Syrian official had vowed to end all government opposition, which just sucks. Abdallah used her blog to challenge taboos (well done) and was fearing abduction. Her father had actually prevented security agents from abducting her before, as she had been accused of being an Islamic extremist and a foreign agent (she was born in Virginia, so she has two nationalities).

        The problem is that there are 18 different security agencies and many gangs in Syria, so it's unknown who's to be demanded to give Amina back. She had written about the government's current downfall, last sunday: "In my ever humble opinion, the regime shut down the internet out of desperation; they are beginning to really feel how far they've fallen," she wrote. "I'm not the only one who thinks that they will not be able to get back up from this."

         I do hope her family does find her, and that she continues to write for freedom. It's one of the most heroic kinds of writing. Her family will have to be quick, though, as men from that country aren't quite known for being humane. Still, good luck, Amina Abdallah, you'll need it. If you're in Damascus and see this woman, please, I beg you, help her family out immediately.