Sunday, July 3, 2011

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5: American Events Of Joy

                     All right, so here's my second post, and seeing as I lack an antonym for tragedy, I made up a silly yet gleeful title. So, as every nation has tragedy, it also has small events which make everybody rejoice and unite the people. Here are a few of them...

5: Declaration Of Independence.

                     July 4, 1776. The Founding Fathers unite to sign the American Declaration Of Independence, which declared the U.S. free from the British empire. Indeed, one of the best moments in American history, as it defines the start of the nation itself.

Bitch! You just got served!

4: Model-T Ford

                     The first affordable automobile, the Model-T Ford, becomes available to the general public. This means a revolution in transport, and of course, millions for Mr. Ford. Also, who hasn't seen that classic car? Oh yeah, besides, this also meant the first use of the assembly line.

22 horsepower. Top that.

3: Women's Suffrage

                     August 18, 1920. The Nineteenth Amendment, approved. After countless women suffered for decades and decades, a law is passed which doesn't allow women to be discriminated, or any gender discrimination at all, when it comes to legal issues. This was one of the greatest achievements of human rights in all of history.

2: Civil Rights Act of 1964

                     July 2, 1964. Although the Act came off as weak at first, it was the representation of the "end of racism". Yes, it hasn't ended exactly, but it's been extremely lowered since the Act was promulgated. This was like a home-run for Human Rights.

1: The Moon Landing

                     JFK had said that America wanted to send a man to the moon before the end of the decade. Apollo 1 and 13 had failed. Apollo 11 was sent on a course to the moon. So, Apollo gets there, followed by Armstrong's words: "The eagle has landed". Neil Armstrong steps out of the craft, and says his famous words. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind", one of the most historic phrases ever.

Whatever you do, you'll never be as badass as me.

                      So yeah, historic moments, and all, and like I said, every nation has its own happy moments. We're getting near the greatest celebration of the U.S.A., so, get ready for one of the coolest days of the year.