Sunday, July 3, 2011

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5: Heroic American Events

               So, as every nation has tragedies and good luck, they also have heroes, which can define a nation by themselves. Today, I'm going to talk about some of America's greatest heroes ever...

5: Boston Tea Party

               The government which controls your land is oppressing everybody and raising taxes. Some imports come in and they won't be sent back. What do you do? You get into their boats and throw their tea overboard.  It was a direct, spontaneous political movement that was around the beginning of American history, and one of the most important events ever.

We want a river of tea!

4: Harriet Tubman

                A colored woman who was born into slavery, which se escaped. She set out on thirteen missions to free slaves, using networks and with the help of activists. She claimed, after being hit on the head with a metal weight, that she saw visions from God. After helping out other slaves, she helped out in the women's suffrage campaign.

3: I Have A Dream

                Martin Luther King Jr. fought valiantly for racial rights, and the most moving speech of all, is the one entitled "I Have A Dream", where he said he dreamt of an America where people of all colors and shapes would coexist peacefully and cooperatively. A beautiful dream indeed. 

A dream within a dream.

2: Rosa Parks

                Imagine you're a colored woman in the U.S. You're minding your own business. You're tired from working all day. A white man comes and demands you give him your seat. You refuse. You get arrested, and subsequently, spark a boycott. This is what happened with Rosa Parks, and she became the "Mother of the freedom movement". 

1: Washington

                 This guy had to be a hero on a daily basis. He'd fight battles as general, and basically kick the asses of the British out. Without him (and his sexy, wooden teeth) what would America be? I wouldn't want to find that out now, would I?

See? He's number 1.

                  That's all I've got right now. 5 heroes. Tomorrow comes the good story, the one with the funniest happenings. So yeah, get ready. Tomorrow's the 4th of July! Get hyped! And bring dip. Yeah. You know who you are.