Saturday, July 16, 2011

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5: Human Senses? BS.

             All right, so you've been told all your life that we humans have 5 senses. Sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Well, there's actually a lot more than that. Try 11-19. So, what are these senses? We have:

              Equilibrioception. What's that? Equilibrioception is what lets us sense and percieve acceleration, balance, direction, and its organ is in the ears, the vestibular nerve. We also have thermoception, which lets us sense whether it is cold or hot.

You are wise, elephant-san.

              Prioproception is what lets us know where our body is in relation to itself. For example, put your hands behind your back, and you'll know where they are, it's not like they magically disappear. Nociception is what lets us feel pain (damn you!)

              We also have pulmanory stretch receptors, which let us regulate breathing, the chemoreceptor trigger zone picks up pheromones and tells us when to vomit for some reason, we have sensory receptors in the bladder for knowing when you're full down there, and there's a lot more senses we have out there.

I forgot how to breathe!

               So, why don't they teach this to us in kinder? Because nobody would know what the teacher's talking about. So, any time you hear somebody saying "and those are the five senses", correct them. Don't worry, be a jackass, the world will be better with you out there.

So stupid.