Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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5: Things Never To Say To Your Child

              So, for most people, there comes a time when this little pudgy thing comes out of a woman, and this they call a baby. While he grows up, it's important to know what to say and not to say. Of course, there's a lot of parents that don't have time or the will to learn this, so they screw their kids up. They say things like: 

5: Leave Me Alone!

               So, like I said, there's a bunch of folks who don't have the time to rest. This gives you stress, and ultimately, you're going to take it out on someone. So you take it out on your kid. You hear Barney the Dinosaur on T.V., your kid mumbles, starts crying, you've got an important call or something, and it's just a lot of  noise and chaos. It's too much. 


               You get what you want. Silence. Then, you see your kid's lips trembling, his eyes getting teary, and he starts walking away. You feel awful as a human, as if eating all those doughnuts wasn't enough guilt. Your kid will stop talking to you completely if you keep telling him/her that, because he/she will feel it pointless to talk to you. Oh yeah, and self-esteem goes down, but I guess you knew that. 

4: You're so (X)

                Day after day, your kid throws his little "unbreakable cup", and spills his juice. As a stressed filled parent, you're not gonna take his crap (literally and figuratively), so you want to stop it. 


                Remind your kid he's clumsy, and he'll program himself to be like that his entire life. Same goes for liars and any defect you can think of. Don't ignore it, but work with him positively, it'll make everything easier. 


3: Why can't you be more like (X)?

                All right, hateful parent, do NOT, EVER, compare your kid to his brother, friend, whatever. He'll hate your guts. It's not that hard to assume. Haven't you ever been told to be someone else? It sucks, so don't do this to your kid. 

Come on, Ron! Be like your cousin! - Hermione Granger

2: I'll give you something to cry about!

                 Imagine your boss tells you you'll lose your job if you get to your job 5 minutes late. Sucks, right? Or how about that bully that would beat the hell out of you if you didn't give him your lunch money? How did you feel? Afraid? Hateful? Why? He threatened you. You'll give your kid the same feelings, except this time, they can't share their feelings with anybody. 

-How do you do that?!?!

1: Great Job!

                 Why is this bad? You're going to praise your kid about everything. This will get both the kid and other people desperate. The kid will think you won't like him for who he is, and others will hate you for giving everything to the child. Yeah, it's hard, but it'll be better. 


                  So yeah, be careful with what you say to your kid, you never know how he might turn up to be. Take care of it and love it (but not too much) so he turns out to be a bigger success than you (well, that's the plan, right?).