Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty?!?

                    I just got the news that Casey Anthony was found innocent of all charges. Caylee, Casey's daughter, went missing and was reported by her grandmother. Her mother didn't report anything. This made everybody suspicious against Casey. 

                    Casey went on a trip to Tampaa Bay, and her father went to visit her. She wasn't there, but when he got to her car, he noticed a strong odor coming from the trunk, like a dead body. He opened it, but there was nothing there. He reported it to 911. 

                     She was arrested after being asked to show her office, supposedly in Universal Studios, to the police. She had been fired years earlier. Her bail was paid by the nephew of Orange County's bail bondsman, who hoped she would cooperate. She was arrested again for various cases of fraud. 

                     On August 2008, Caylee's remains were found. On December 2008, more of her remains were      found in the same area. The death penalty seemed around the corner for Casey. Casey started inventing a nanny who did exist, but had never met her. A lot has happened over the years, and a few months ago, Casey was tried again, and found not guilty, but was fined for providing false info to policemen. 

                     This is much like the O.J. Simpson trial, everyone was surprised at the not guilty veredict. The trial was told by Forbes to be the social media event of the century. It was the most publicized trial in U.S. history. News channels saw their ratings double or triple. Even celebs like Sharon Osbourne and Kim Kardashian showed outrage at the verdict. The judges stated that there just wasn't enough evidence, and that they do wish that there were more, so that Casey could be behind bars. One said he was "sick to his stomach" over the decision. What do you think? Should Casey be locked up or free?