Friday, July 1, 2011

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The Final Boss Of The Internet... Failed.

                   If you've ever heard of 4chan, you obviously know about Anonymous. Well, here in Mexico, these guys decided to attack Iniciativa Mexico (Initiative Mexico), a small organization that's sponsored by the media and a few companies. There's a reason they did this: Iniciativa Mexico's stolen a bunch of brilliant ideas, and will possibly sell them back to their original authors later on. How is that? Well, they submitted their ideas, but most of them didn't have the training to get a copyright first. Everything's said here. 
                  So, what happened? Well, yesterday, everybody in Anon got together in an IRC chat room, and tried to use a LOIC (Low Orbit Ionic Cannon) to saturate the broadband the company uses. This is called a DDoS. How did they fail? IM used a bunch of IP numbers, which made traffic go to various IPs. This is called Distributive Hosting. 
                   Yeah, the attack failed, but you can find this video on Youtube where their demands are uh... demanded. They say they don't tolerate the theft of great ideas, and their abuse. In the end, another problem was that Anonymous couldn't choose a leader. They said things like "'Tis better to live one year as a wolf than 100 as a sheep." 
                  As long as they're fighting for good values, then it's good, but Anonymous should try to be a bit more organized next time. Their problem was overannouncing the hack, and giving Iniciativa Mexico a bunch of time to organize themselves too. If you're going to try again, then good luck, Anonymous.