Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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How To: Hike Up A Mountain

                So, hiking is something that sounds easy but is in reality quite hard. I just went to hike a mountain called the Tepozteco, 2.5 km of stones and stone steps at about 50-60 degrees of inclination. It was harder, way harder than I expected. 

                 The first thing you need is the mental tuning. You have to be positive and happy about climbing the mountain. This will give you the will to get to the end. If you go all glum and unhappy, you will not get that far. 

Hell. Yes.

                 The next step is to build up a lot of leg power. I mean everything. Calves and that kind of stuff. Also, you need good body condition, without it, you will have the need to vomit, you will sweat a lot, and you will wish for death. 

                  Watch your footing. I was going up these stone steps, which could be unstable as hell, after that, there was mud and roots, and then more stone. You tripped, you went down a precipice, or hit your head on a stone. You were lucky if you were on mud. You also got to some points where the way up was extremely sloped. You had to be careful. 

Nah, the fall will just hurt a bit.

                   Now, on the way down, watch out, because the fall would be harder. Some lucky guys fell on their bussoms, but imagine missing that. You would keep going, and going, and get trapped. Still, the way down is easier than going up. Just be careful and you will get there in no time.