Friday, July 22, 2011

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A Trip To The Capital...

                     So, I just got back from a trip to Mexico City (And a few other places around there). So, what did I do? I'll tell you a bit. The first night I stayed in a hotel near the airport, after which I was taken to San Miguel, and stayed there for a night.

                     There, in San Miguel, were musicians roaming the streets, which I explored. After walking around a bit, I got into some of the circles and participated. The food was also delicious (natural food, which, as a city boy, my body would eventually reject).

                      After San Miguel, I went to Tepoztlán, a small magical town, and climbed a mountain. Why? We felt like it. 2.5 kilometers of stone and stone steps, mud, and more stone. I started sweating profusely, and since there was a bunch of damn trees, I couldnt see how much was left. My muscles ached, I pulled my shoulder, and I was dehydrated. I thought I was going to die. Then, I got to the top and it turned out there was a small "convenience store" at the top. I drank a coke, saw the small pyramid I went up there for, there were a few aadvarks (nasty little buggers, those).

That small stone at the top of the mountain? That's the pyramid.

                      The way down was easier, but it took a sense of balance (which I lack), but I finally made it down. The next day, we went to Mexico City, got a little tour, and went back to Cuernavaca. The next day, I called in sick (Remember I ate natural food). 

                      So the next day (today), I got up went to Mexico City, a few malls, the Museum of Anthropology, saw some Aztec and Mayan stuff (like the Aztec Calendar!), then, a storm came, and we weren't ready. So we double-timed it to the van, almost got pneumonia, and we were dropped off at the airport, and voila, I'm back in Monterrey.