Monday, August 1, 2011

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Casey Anthony: The Aftermath

              All right, so you'd be thinking that Casey would have it rough after having been declared innocent, what with jail taking its toll on you and that stuff, right? Well, yeah, she's going to get some therapy, as her mental health's been declining a bit. Oh yeah, she's also dating Jesse James. The guy recently tweeted it, and got a lot of hate mail. She met him while seeing some stuff for a reality show they're going to do about her. Oh yeah, she can get paid millions for that. 

              She also wrote a book for which she's being offered a million bucks. So, yeah, she went free and she's got her future assured. Well, that's not all. Casey has been offered half a million to pose nude for Hustler magazine. So, yeah. If she really killed her own daughter, she must be killing herself by now. Oh wait, the mental health issues. Well, uh, we can only hope for divine intervention or something. I'm a skeptic though, so... damn it Casey!