Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Movie Review: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

               All right, so I'm going to try to post more frequently again. So, saturday, I went to see the Planet Of The Apes prequel. I thought it would be all right in an X-Men First Class kind of all right, but by the time I left my theater, I had my mind literally BLOWN. Why?

                First of all, the chimp, Caesar (Andy Serkis) steals the show. He has an almost human face, and is born with this increased intelligence he had when his mother gave birth to him (she was given the "cure to Alzheimer's"). He had high intelligence, higher than humans. The impressive thing is how even Andy Serkis's facial expressions were recorded, so you could see the human emotions one would have on the chimp. 

                 Also, the other monkeys were great. I was actually impressed when I heard that no monkeys were used on the film, just CGI. You could've sworn they were real. Most of the communication on the film is actually non-verbal, but you see how the monkeys and humans are not so different. You can notice how the apes interact with their environment, and you realize that maybe they're not just stupid animals after all. 

                The humans were kind of boring in this film. You had good actors like James Franco, but the human cast seemed to be there to just push the story. Sure, they did some fine acting, but it was a lot more dull than the animal cast. 

                 The other great thing is the plot. You can't really imagine how a bunch of apes could take over a huge city, but once you see the plot, you actually appreciate it. Also, the fight scene complemented the movie well, instead of ruining it, like it has other films. The ending also leaves a lot of open questions, which gives a great foundation for one or a bunch of sequels. The film has been compared to Batman Begins, as it reboots a franchise in a more modern way, and in fact, I think it did a better job. I highly recommend seeing this film before the theaters take it out. It will give you a lot to ponder on, and your mind will be blown.