Saturday, September 17, 2011

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5: Ghost Sites In The U.S.

                       Yeah, it's my mission to not let you sleep tonight. Why? Because screw you. I'm joking, I just want to have a little fun with you guys, and so, some of you may be cynycal, some of you super religious, I don't care, I dare you to visit one of these places!

5: Union Cemetery

                       This little jewel for ghost hunters is located in Easton, Connecticut. When I wrote my ghost novel, this was one of the places that really freaked me out. I don't know why, it just did. First of all, there's this story of a "White Lady", which has been reportedly seen crossing the street, and of course, being run over by jackass drivers. She's said to hunt a nearby cemetery, but I'm still cynycal one can walk so far with internal bleeding and shit (she was run over, wasn't she?)

Hey babe, you're very shapely, aren't ya?

                        There's also been sightings of another dude, called Red Eyes. It's a simple shroud with two red, gleering eyes that peer at you from the darkness. One guy ran from it and heard footsteps behind him. They caught his voice in an EVP once, he was supposedly called Earle Kellog, like the cereal. 

I see the resemblance.

4: Bobby Mackey's Music World

                         Imagine knowing that the gates of hell are around there somewhere. Well, supposedly, it's this little nightclub here. Supposedly, satanists went there and cursed the place, and demons enter and possess those who dance in there. Bobby Mackey thinks it's good publicity. 

Demons, if you can read, we don't have insurance, so fuck off!

3: Waverly Hills Sanatorium

                         This site is one of the most haunted places in the world, according to the townsfolk. It was used for tuberculosis patients. It shall be turned into a hotel for fanatics of haunted hotels. A lot of guys died there, and they even had a tunnel, through which bodies where lowered with a cart. They could reach the bottom with simple gravity. There's the legend of a nurse that commited suicide, some claim that 63,000 people died there, and every halloween, you can go ghost hunting in there. 

Image searching sucks at night, I put this so as not to be so cruel to you guys.

2: Belcourt Castle

                        This castle that's found in Rhode Island has had its taste of weird shit. It has been noticed because of moving chairs, a mirror that has a moving reflection, even though it's still, the apparition of a monk, and even a possessed statue. 

Beware: Keep your distance or be sprinkled in piss!

1: The Linda Vista Community Hospital

                       This one's for the metalheads and hard rockers. This here hospital has had a very, very great death rate, which meant it had to close down. There have been mostly sightings of patients and nurses, but you have to admit it's disturbing. So, why is it special? The video for "Nightmare", by Avenged Sevenfold, was filmed here. 

Oh, yeah, cool, that's definitely nog a guy doing cosplay, you know?

                       I shall continue with this series, soon. Muahahahaha.....