Friday, September 16, 2011

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5: Life Lessons From The Big Lebowski

                      So, while I watched The Big Lebowski, I noticed that if you could live like The Dude, you could always be happy. Why? He's The Dude! The guy has his own religion, Dudeism, which is almost like Taoism, but better. So, what can you learn from this movie?

5: Being A Nihilist Is Exhausting

                      Yeah, I know what you're thinking. An atheist is telling you that it's exhausting not to believe in anything. Well, I do believe in stuff. I believe that we have to have moral values, and obey the rules, I also believe that feminism has gotten stupid after women have gotten equal rights, and even privileges, and I also believe that love and a nuclear family is necessary for mental health. So don't go telling me I don't believe in anything that matters. 

                       So, why is it exhausting to be a nihilist? Well, there's nothing that holds you back. You don't have a limit, therefore, you're always going over it and draining your energy in the process. You're always fighting other people, judging them, and trust me, it ain't pretty to be conflictive all the time. 

It all goes down to this.

4: Even Strong Men Cry

                       Yes, I know, it's usually the role of women to cry, but damn it, when something horrible happens, man-tears have to appear. The situation can be the death of a family member, or a good, swift kick to the balls, but even the strongest of men cry (preferably alone).


3: You Have To Obey The Rules

                       Ok, so you're not going to pull a gun on somebody if they don't obey the rules like Walter Sobchak does, but you do have to recognize that without rules, society's going to decay and we'll be living like men from the stone age in no time. There's something like this happening in Mexico. Drug dealers aren't obeying rules and codes of honor, so what's going on? There's war, and the government can't do anything about it. The people aren't helping much either. 


2: If A Rug Ties Your Room Together, Keep It

                        Yeah. The whole plot of the movie is that The Dude wants his rug back because it really tied the room together. He was very, very pissed off, and had to steal a rug to tie the room together again. What happened without the rug? The room looked apart, the rug was almost like a link. This applies to you as well. Keep your room, house, whatever tied together, and if somebody pisses on that special rug, beat the crap out of him first. 

What would the room be without the rug?

1: Abide

                         This is the most important life lesson we can learn from The Dude. Abide. As The Dude says, "Life is too short and complicated, and nobody knows what to do about it, so don't do anything about it, just take it easy, man". Doesn't that sound like happiness to you? Sure, I'm not saying that you should be a slacker or anything, but come on, don't stress out for anything stupid, you know?

Just, yeah, man, you know?