Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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5: Must See Movies (And Sagas)

                   Everybody knows that it's hard for a movie to actually rise and become one of the most beloved films of all time, and of course, there are a whole bunch of films out there that can't be missed, why? Because they're awesome. Let's look at a few, for starters. 

5: The Original Star Wars Trilogy

                   Nerdy as you say it is, I do not know of a person who can't enjoy Star Wars. I loved it as a kid. Darth Vader is one of the best villains to ever be featured on the big screen. The acting's good, and the special effects are incredible for their time. The music score is great, seriously, you cannot find a better soundtrack for a movie than the Star Wars soundtrack. Also, ewoks are cute, so there's that. 

And these guys.

4: Scarface

                   Say hello to my little friend! You fucking cockroaches who haven't seen this fucking movie must fucking go and see it (You'll understand the F-bomb once you see the movie). It's about this Cuban guy who has a friend who dies, then he becomes the best of the best drugdealers in Miami. He spends his day sniffing mountains of crack (More than Charlie Sheen can handle) and shooting fucking cockroaches. 

Montana, with his Cokeman

3: Saving Private Ryan

                   You could never imagine Tom Hanks in an action film if you haven't seen this movie. It's an epic film (epic meaning 3:30 hours long) about this guy from the 401st who got lost, and Tom Hanks got sent along with Vin Diesel and some other guys to rescue Private James Ryan. The first half hour of the film is the most beautiful gore I've seen to this date. 

2: Pirates Of The Caribbean (First Three Films)

                    These films are about your favorite rum drinker and his best friends, who live in some place in the Caribbean, and fight supernatural creatures including undead pirates and undead metamorphed pirates, Davy Jones, and the Kraken (No, Jack, not the rum). Jack Sparrow is one of my favorite characters to date, and damn it, Keira Knightley is hot! (Not my type, though).

Don't be mad, I'm just more into black hair.

1: Fight Club

                     I shall not reveal spoilers, but this film is about this guy who has everything, and makes himself friends with Brad Pitt (and Meatloaf, but with bitch tits). He falls in love with Helena Bonham Carter, they start a fight club, suddenly they both start doing crazier and crazier stuff, almost sending the world back to the stone age. Also, there's subconcious messaging (flashing male genitals on the screen). 

Yeah dudes, come on...

                         I shall write more of these eventually, don't worry.