Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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5: Must See T.V. Shows

                 The silver screen can have its moments, but a good T.V. show needs to have its moments all the time. A show would suck without being moment after moment. So, I was asked to mention a few must-see T.V. shows, and I shall provide... enjoy. 

5: South Park

                  We'll start off the list with something simple, yet so complex at the same time. South Park is one of my favorite T.V. shows of all time. Why? It's stupid, everything, from Cartman's racism to Kenny's tendency to die. It's a show for ages past and ages to come. 

Not sutable for children, women, religious people, sensitive people, and Jews.

4: The Simpsons

                   This is maybe my second favorite show of all time. Why? Two words. Homer Simpson. His character is maybe my favorite of them all, just because he's so incredibly stupid, he has a lot of catchphrases which never get old, and he loves beer and doughnuts. Who can't love a guy like that? The rest of the characters are really good, but come on, Homer always steals the show!

You are our master, AND WE SHALL DO YOUR BIDDING.

3: Friends

                   Although this is maybe the most successul sticom of all time, I'm putting it in third place because it's good but not so good. Yeah, the style is awesome, the cast is excellent and of course, who doesn't love Jennifer Aniston? The problem was how the show really jumped the shark, they could have actually run a little longer if they hadn't. 

2: Two And A Half Men

                   Yeah, many of you may be pissed at Charlie Sheen right now, but you have to admit that there's no show that lets you actually observe the characters at such a depth like Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen's caracter is simply, plainly awesome. He'd beat Barney Stintson any day of the year. 

This has been the basic premise of the show.

1: That 70's Show

                    Also, my super favorite show of all time, I love that 70's show for the simple fact that it's very, very good. Every character has his own perks, and I love every single episode. I love how Red threatens to kick everybody's ass (dumbasses), Kelso's stupidity, Fez's weird perverseness, Jackie's superficialness, Eric's weakness, Hyde's rebellion, Donna's stupid morality, and of course, Leo's constant absent-mindeness. It's just a masterpiece of a T.V. show, and I look forward to buying the Stash Collection (It's worth 200 bucks, so that may not be in the near future). But it's worth it. 

I literally burst into tears every time I find an airing of this show. 

                   There's another few shows to be mentioned, so I'll make sure to write another one of these. Till then, take care, and say no to drugs.