Monday, September 26, 2011

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How To: Be Funny

                 So, there's a lot of guys who for some reason think they're dull and that being funny would help them socially. I don't know what's getting into their heads, but damn it, if it makes them feel better, I'll let them rub off on my wings (and metaphorical armpits) to have some of the funny I give to the world. 


                 The first thing you want to do is not give a shit. What do I mean? If you keep thinking about doing something, you're not really going to do it right. How does this work? Try to think about talking to a girl. Think about it all day. Then, when you see her, how do you feel? Yeah, like hell. So, when the moment comes for being funny, you're going to panic. The key is to play it loose and not give a damn. 

Master Broda, showing off the general idea.

                 Another thing you want to do is just say what you're thinking out loud. People usually have funny shit going on in their heads, but won't say it out of fear of rejection. Well, they know that they're going to regret that, so what do you do? Just say your thoughts out loud. Nothing's going to happen if you're friends with everybody you're talking to. Only, if you're going to say anything racist, make sure your ethnical friend won't get easily offended. Another thing that can help is laughing at yourself after laughing at someone else. Works like a charm. 

Visual imagery also works like a charm.

                  Also, do not, for the love of God, just try and try to make people laugh. It comes off as annoying after a few minutes. I know of some guys who will keep trying and trying, and it will just look sad. So, like I said, take it easy, speak your thoughts, and just have a good time. It comes along. 

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