Thursday, September 29, 2011

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On The Eve Of A (Hopefully) All-Girl Event

                     So, tomorrow Justin Bieber comes to Monterrey city. The results of the news were sad. Girls lined up, camped outside Ticketmaster, they did a whole lot of shit just to see this guy sing. Although I never quite understood what girls see in Justin Bieber, I have to give credit to the guy. He knows how shit goes down with girls. He makes music just for them. He gets to bang Selena Gomez. Yeah, I hate his guts, but I'm jealous of that last part. Come on, guys, you can admit she's hot. She's 19 now. 


                     I've heard some crazy stuff happened so girls could get tickets. For example, some girls made videos for local channels, the most voted ones won a double-pass. Some didn't have XV años (The Mexican [REAL] version of sweet sixteens) so they could buy a ticket. I even heard that some sold their virginity for tickets. Sorry, but that's sad. To give your virginity away just to see some dude you're never going to talk to, that's just plain sad. I wouldn't do it. If you'd heard of a guy doing it, you'd think "That's pathetic". But a girl's doing it, so you go "Aww".

It's time. You girls have gone too far.

                     I also remember seeing full-grown women on the news squealing to see Justin Bieber. They're just like Twilight moms, something's not right. The authorities actually had to give food and water to the girls who were in line, since they were there for days.
You've said it, anonymous internet dweller bro.

                    Now, I wouldn't do any of these drastic measures unless they FUCKING BRING DIMEBAG DARRELL BACK FROM THE DEAD AND UNITE PANTERA, but until that's possible, I mean really, it's ridiculous. Nobody sold her virginity to see Michael Jackson, why should they do it to see his flawed successor?

For this, I'd sell my virginity. To a guy.

                    Girls, I know you'll hate on me, a lot, because of these comments but really, I do respect the kid for getting to world fame in an extremely short period of time, but what I don't like is how you go crazy over him. It's too much. I've heard of girls fainting for the King of Pop, but I think one of you will get a heart attack over the Kid of Pop someday. Sheesh. 

Seems legit.