Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Should Schools Be How They Are?

                   So, everybody knows how most schools are kind of boring when it comes to the classroom. Sure, not everybody can go at a fast pace, but wouldn't it be better for everybody to develep their own pace? Some people believe that everybody should go at the same rate, and others say that everybody should develop their own special set of skills. Yeah, there's a lot of extracurricular stuff, like sports and student clubs, but wouldn't it be awesome for some kids to specialize on grammar while others do so on mathematics?

We don't want this happening.

                    I personally believe that kids should go at their own pace, because it lets them develop their own skills more. When I was in elementary, I'd always finish everything quickly, which gave me time to read small books. Of course, high school came, and I found out that I really sucked at math and chemistry. I was great at science, it being general science, but I wasn't good at chemistry, at all. My English teacher noticed this, and she helped me develop my language skills. I wrote a book (which I plan on editing) and I write this blog thanks to her. 

This one's for you, Ms. Becky.

                     I feel that children should find their talent like that. They should be tested on various subjects and areas, and they should develop that part well, because hey, who doesn't love what he's good at? This might actually help a lot of people have better careers in the future. If a kid's really good at socializing, help him become good at PR. If the kid's good at math, figure out if he can be an engineer, a mathematician, a physicist, or so on. If you see him fidgeting a lot, making up rythms, then find out if he can be a musician. 

Some talents are better left alone.

                     If schools keep having their kids work on the same stuff, at the same time, you're just preparing them to be factory workers. Uniform, dull. Factory workers are obsolete. Companies are looking for people with talent in their area, but they also have to be prepared. There are a few schools that actually use a system where kids can work on what they want when they want, and it really is effective, but what we really need is that children work out their talent. This will make more efficient workers for generations to come.