Thursday, October 20, 2011

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5: Childhood Shows I Miss

                      I believe that those of us who were born in the 90's had the best T.V. shows to watch. I mean, come on, the classic Cartoon Network and Nickolodeon shows were awesome. I won't mention shows like Tom And Jerry or the Hanna Barbera ones, because they're not from our time. I'm talking 90's shows. Remember these? (They're in no particular order).

I fucking miss you guys.

5: Dexter's Lab

                   I really liked this one. An extremely small kid with a very, very smart head screws around in his Lab while Dee-Dee was screwing with him (figuratively). Her catchphrase (Ooh, what does THIS button do?) usually brought disaster. This was actually Seth McFarlane's slingshot to fame (The guy who invented Family Guy, American Dad and such). His arch-nemesis Mandark had a very weirdly funny laugh.

This was basically it.

                   Besides the main plot, there were backstories, one was "Dial M for Monkey", a segment of Dexter's lab monkey who would go fight crime. The Justice Friends blew my mind. They were Major Glory, a sort of Captain America, The Infraggable Krunk, a reverted-color Hulk, and Valhallen, the Thor version of a metalhead.

I can die in peace now.

4: Johnny Bravo

                  Oohh, Mama! This buff, blonde Elvis-like guy never, ever gave up with the ladies, although none of them actually liked him, for some reason. He was forward, and was somehow rejected every 5 seconds. Actually, most of the episodes' plots were about him trying to get laid (and never getting to).

Moments before he was punched by Farrah Fawcett.

                  Other characters include Bunny, Johnny's mother, who was a badass, Little Suzy, who, as far as I remember, was annoying, and a scout girl. Carl Synschwhat'shisname, a nerd who would use Johnny for experiments, and appeared to be his only friend. I also remember Pops, the bartender who'd give useless advice. The show was awesome, man. 

Dude's awesome.

3: Courage The Cowardly Dog

                    Ah, remember the purple dog who'd usually fight monsters although he was always scared off his ass? That show was awesome. It was the perfect combination of black humor, creepy elements, and, well, humor for kids. Some shows were downright disturbing, so much I even stopped watching the series for some time, even though I loved it. The fact that they played it so late didn't help either. 

The Family Picture.

                    Eustace always cracked me up. He was very, very mean to everybody, including the monsters, and usually didn't understand the gravity of the situation he was in. He always called Courage a stupid dog and scared him with his mask. Muriel is Eustace's wife. A lovely lady, she always sticks out for Courage, and doesn't usually understand the situation well either. In fact, she can be very lovely even to the monsters sometime, even having dinner with a few. If you watch it on youtube, I suggest you do it in the afternoon. 

Unless you're willing to watch this at 12:00 a.m.

2: Ed, Edd n Eddy

                 This was another one I really fucking loved. A short guy, Eddy, was always trying to scam the neighborhood kids, along with Edd and Ed. Edd was a nerd who never, ever showed his head. He always had this weird sock-hat thingy. Ed was a tall, lumbering dumbass. 

                 What I remember the most was those three weird sisters (I think?) who were always trying to make out with the guys, and the bald kid who was always around with Plank. Plank was awesome. He was the shit. There's not much else to the show. 


1: Spongebob Squarepants (Before 2005)

                 This show was my favorite for quite a while. I mean, come on, everybody knows about Spongebob. I have never heard of anybody who hasn't laughed his ass off with the show. It was just so, perfect. There was humor for kids and there was humor for adults. Although there were some stupid kids who thought that a dolphin's sound was a bad word for a while. 


                 The show was just great. They always had running gags like "My leg!", Mrs. Puff's crashing and inflating, etc. Every character also felt so real, it was simply awesome. Of course, 2006 came and the show became retarded. Fuck you, second half of the first decade of the twenty first century!

The cast.

                    All right, so 5's not really enough, I think I'm going to have to do another one or two of these lists. Meanwhile, enjoy!