Monday, October 3, 2011

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5: Creepiest Places On Earth

                        Halloween is coming, which means it's time to start posting terror stuff (I've waited all year for this, i'm literally jittering). So, in the world, there are good places, and there are places where you know bad shit has, can, and will happen. So, where can you find places like this? 

5: Aokihagara Forest

                         Many of you internet-dwellers know of this place as the Suicide Forest. Located in Japan, for some reason, a lot of folks decide to come here to take their last breath. There's literally hundreds of bodies scattered around. Apparently, a lot of people started killing themselves there as soon as they read this thing in this book where two of the characters commit suicide there. 

It doesn't seem that bad...

                         The forest is actually very thick, it's kind of hard not to find a dark spot even though it's noon.  There are signs placed there telling people to think of themselves, reassuring them that life is a precious thing. In the 70's, the police started doing yearly body sweeps. Not only that, some guys actually started thinking about the cash those people could have, so they started sweeping themselves, in a tradition called the Aokihagara Scavenging. 

4: Overtoun Bridge

                         Another well-known place, located in Scotland. Do not take your dog to Milton, and if you do, stay away from the bridge, lest you want to see your dog jump off it. If it survives, it will climb back up and jump again. Dogs can be stupid like that.

If there's a bitch you don't like, here's where you take her.
                         So what's wrong with the bridge? Who knows, but until now, around 600 dogs jumped to their conclusion there. People have even said that the dogs were wearing their stupid grins. What the hell gives? Who knows, some say it's pheromones (Of WHAT?), and others say it's coincidence. Just, don't take your dog to Milton. 

There's a strong scent of bitches down there.

3: Hellingly Hospital

                         The name makes it seem legit. So it starts with hell. What could go wrong? So, what was this place? It was both a hospital, and an insane asylum. This one was pretty big, with it's own rail-line and ballroom. It actually looks like it was a few hundred years old, when in fact, it hasn't been abandoned for even 20 years. 

It can't be that ba- oh.

                          I don't think it would be humanely possible to spend the night there, but whoever does has balls bigger than the damn place. 

Oh yeah, and there's this guy that follows you around, but he's a looker.
2: Helltown

                         This little place in Summit County, Ohio, is known as Helltown (Who the hell keeps doing puns here?) where, even when it was populated, gave you chills because of the dark forest. Its houses were to be torn down for a national park, but instead, we've got this. 

I don't know, it seems legit.
                          There's actually a special spot there, called The End of The World (a dead end indeed) where, if you stay too long, you'll meet either somebody from the KKK, satanists, a psychopath, a huge snake, and maybe even Followers of Cthulhu (or maybe that's just me). 

The end of the world. Enjoy.

1: The Mines Of Paris

                          I remember writing about the Catacombs of Paris in my book, but this is kind of different. The mines are closed off to anybody who dares to enter. They were used to dig out minerals, and actually are wrongly called catacombs too. These places haven't been mantained in a long time, so it's quite a bit dangerous to stroll in them, if you know what I mean. You don't?

That was taken with flash.

                          Supposedly, there are cults, spirits and shit down there in the infinite blackness, but what's actually disconcerting is this: The tunnels stretch for 600 kilometers in the underground of Paris, unmapped,  which makes it easy to get lost. Nay, it's almost impossible not to get lost. Some parts are flooded. The rock absorbs sound, making it impossible to be heard from the outside. There are manholes hundreds of feet deep, taking away any chance of freedom. There are thousands of bones and paintings on the wall, warnings, pleas for help, and if you're claustrophobic, you'll want to avoid them at all cost. 

It's not dangerous at all... - Ghosts of the mines.

                             If you guys have a good suggestion for a spooky article, leave your suggestion in the comments.