Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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5: Most Disgusting Candies In The World

                    All right, so yesterday, I posted about the most disgusting foods in the world. Now, we shall talk about stuff that everybody loves. Candy. Candy's the best. Candy's always there when you need it, and has many shapes, and sizes, so many, there's not a person in the world who hates candy. Oh wait, you haven't seen...

5: Hotlix Candy

                  Okay, so maybe this one's sweet, but tell me, how many people do you know that can go through the whole lollipop? (God knows I have). Not anybody can eat through a bug (Protip: Ignore the bug, it's still delicious). 

It's not so bad (eat the scorpion).

4: Ant Candy

                   This is basically the same as the Hotlix, except you're throwing ants into a bunch of hardened sugar. It doesn't seem that bad, but, again, some people don't have the courage to eat everything they find (cowards). 


3: Tuna Tidbits

                   This is just plain weird. Tuna fish simply, mashed, mixed with chemicals not even god can name, and sugar added. The first person to eat fish-flavored candy here gets... nothing. I ain't up for giving up prizes to stupid people. 

Somehow, I feel this is made for cats.

2: Durian Candy

                   This is candy which just smells plain fucking gross. They say that it has a scent of pig shit and gym socks. It's forbidden on the public transport system. Oh wait, that was the fruit. Imagine compressing all of that into a bag. 


1: Jujubees

                  Seriously, that shit's gross. 

Get that shit out my face, my gut just filled with bile.