Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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How To: Be A Nihilist

                 All right, so if you read my post on The Big Lebowski, you know how I quoted Walter Sobchak in saying that being a Nihilist is exhausting. Well, it is, but there are variations. Now, the few types of nihilists can make sense or appear to be deranged. How can you stand to be a Nihilist?

Cutting off Johnsons?

                First of all, you have to know what you're going to stop believing in. Be it knowledge, meaning, justice, or all of the three, you have to stop believing in it and stick to what you care about. Some don't even believe that objects exist. It's not that easy to explain, but of course, once you don't believe in, say, knowledge, you have the right to be ignorant as fuck. This will make people hate you.

These guys reject knowledge.

                Are there good examples of Nihilism? Yes. Look up Dadaism, the anti-art movement by Tristian Tzara. There's also the Comedian in Watchmen, who executes somebody in public to show how everybody's a sort of moral nihilist, as nobody did anything to stop him. Fight Club's full of it. Just look around, and you'll find the lack of meaning and all that shit, while everybody else enjoys life. 

Dude doesn't believe in friendship. Asshole.