Saturday, October 8, 2011

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How To: Photobomb

                  For those of you that don't know, photobombing is the sacred art of ruining what could have been a very great picture, by either appearing on the background and contrasting with everything, making a funny face, etc. There are people who do it for a goddamn living, and they do it extremely well, so, how do you photobomb?

He doesn't actually work in the media.
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                  The first thing you'd want to do is find somebody with a camera. How else are you going to photobomb? If there's a girl, you could grab her boob from behind (be careful with the legal charges there, buddy), or you could just blend in the background, the possibilities are endless

Both his poker face and her expression are epic.

                  The secret to a great photobomb is simply doing something stupid. There's people who actually block another's face at the right time and it makes a perfect picture. Sometimes, an animal might cross over, and sometimes, just sometimes, some event of fate occurs that makes it epic. So, uh, go out and um, use this advice I guess? Have fun with it. 

This one's so epic the world collapsed from the epicness, then formed itself again.