Sunday, October 23, 2011

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My Thoughts On: Feminism

                 For those of you who don't like politics and such, Feminism was a movement that started with the Women's Suffrage, which demanded that they have more rights such as having jobs, voting, etc. That was their golden era, but after that the 70's came, and women started saying that they were being oppresed by anything that they didn't like (some feminist even started a bra burning event). 

This is healthy.

This is not.

                 So, yeah, a lot of good things happened, women can vote now, get government posts, have jobs, and can no longer take bullshit from abusive men. This has improved their quality of life a lot, machoist guys did take it a little far with women sometimes, but what happened after that?

This is what women were trying to get rid of.

                 Women started male-bashing for one. If a woman doesn't get a promotion but a male co-worker does, she could accuse her employer of machoism. In fact, after a while, there was more violence against women, because men started seeing them as obnoxious and such. Now, I am against violence to women, because it's not gentleman-like. 

For those who don't hit women... INDEED.

                  Another thing that I don't like that feminism wrought is that the utility of marriage was bent over and broken. Why? Women don't need men to have a good quality of life anymore. They can pay for themselves, and are now showing that they can be dominant over men in terms of courting, when it was the other way around. The divorce rate skyrocketed since the 70's, and that sucks. This left children without mothers to raise them, instead being left to day-care centers or forgotten in their homes. 

Those kids end up like this.
                   Now, I'm not speaking for all feminists, but the radical ones have said some pretty ridiculous things, for example, that physics, chemistry and mathematics are for macho-based society since they lack a feminist point of view. Now, that's just plain weird. Bizzare. Stuff you see on acid makes more sense than that. 

So, what, every dog, horse and pig's a racist?

                  All right, so don't get me wrong. I admire the benevolent part of feminism where women were allowed to vote, have employment, etc., but feminists are still asking for equal rights, and if you ask me, either take that shit to the middle east, or forget it, because by now, women would have to lose rights to be equal to men. For example, a man can hit a man but he cannot hit a woman. I'm not saying we should hit women, but the reverse shouldn't be allowed either. 

Female domestic abuse is very, very real.

                 So remember, don't get me wrong, I love women (yeah I do) and I do believe they deserve equal rights and all, but some feminists got obnoxious and want to change everything they can. That's not how the world works. It's as if I let a woman live in my room and she paints it all pink. It needs a feminine touch, not a sex change. I mean, come on, if a girl hates on me for being a gentleman, what should she expect?

You've said it.