Monday, October 10, 2011

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On: Sneezing

                    Ah, sneezing. The most powerful reaction in the body next to the orgasm (these are scientific terms, people). Everybody has his own style, from the classic A-CHOO! to the extremely bizzare WAWACHU! (yeah, I knew somebody who did that). A girl I know sounds like a sniper rife. Some people let it all out, others block their nose so the mucus doesn't go flying and spray itself on everybody else. So, why the hell do we have to sneeze?

This is the guy behind Splash Mountain.

                   Well, scientists say that it's a cause of irritation, which can be caused by infection or that kind of stuff. Any real kind of stimulation to certain nerve endings in the nose will cause you to sneeze (and redecorate your wall). All I know is, it's a pain in the ass, and it'll give everybody a reason to laugh their asses off for five seconds. There's... not really that much more to say about sneezing, so, till next time!