Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Operation Darknet

                     All right, so as I had explained, Anon had waged a war against child pornography. Here's news of a victory they just had. The group attacked a website called Lolita City, which, used to be the biggest child pornography site which was available with anonymosity via an encryption program. 

                     So, what happened? The guys at anon started removing links to child porn on the secret wikia. Administers started reposting them again every 5 minutes, and Anonymous found out that the links had the Freedom Posting fingerprint. They issued a warning so that the content could be removed, but the company did not comply. 

                     What did Anon do? They started attacking the site by creating a 1 Gigabite SQL and posting 5,000 pics of the Guy Fawkes mask every 5 minutes. The next day, Freedom restored service via backup servers, so Anon gave them 3 hours to shut them down. They had to take down the server again, and uploaded episodes of Chris Hansen's Dateline to the page. 

                     After shutting down the site, Anonymous released the names of the 1,589 users of Lolita City, with username, number of images uploaded and age of the account. They invited the FBI and Interpol to continue investigating the records. 

                    Anonymous, many people love you, many people hate you, but you do what's right, protect the weak, and fight the good fight. I shall keep tracking their progress on Operation Darknet, and give news of the results.