Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Steve Jobs

The God of Computers

                  Ah, Steve Jobs. That dude in the black turtleneck, who would always show ridiculously advanced technology that couldn't even be imagined ten years ago. The guy was a legend. He saw thousands of designs every day, kept everything super secret, and was the true master of innovation. 

That young, handsome stud was Steve Jobs.

                  I'm not going to put his biography here, because I know you guys won't actually pay attention to it (hey, I know my readers), so I'm just going to say, he looked like a pretty cool guy, didn't he? He was young, too. 56 years old. So, what were his biggest achievements?

It all started... with an idea.

The PC Revolution
Buying Pixar from George Lucas
The motherfucking iPod
Motherfucking iTunes
Anything motherfucking from Apple
Mac Computers
Revolutionizing innovation
Getting a shitload of money
Kicking cancer's ass for almost a decade

It's, beautiful.
                     So, yeah, maybe some of you guys are PC, but today, we are all Mac, we do it for Jobs, the man who gave millions and millions of people jobs, with an idea. The idea that you have to keep moving forward. So, yeah, he died, but his legacy continues. He died, and his company's still making billions. He died, and will be recognized for ages to come. He died... like a boss. 
A motherfucking boss.