Friday, November 11, 2011

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                    All right, so since the invention of the 11:11, make a wish thing, a lot of people (especially girls) have been waiting for this day, it being called Epic Wish Date, and many other things. Well, it's next to last in special dates (6/6/6, the next one is 12/12/12), so, fortunately, you can't get to 13/13/13. So, what makes the 11 so special? Well, since it's a repeated digit, it becomes more meaningful. 

Just, look!

                    11 also sums up to two, the number of union and collaboration, so many people will get married today. According to the Wedding Channel, over 24,000 people will get married/have already gotten married today. 

I wasn't joking.

                     Aside from that, what other stuff has happened? Well, not much, and really, the meaning of the number is just there because people would remember 11:11 more than 4:32 or something like that. It's not really mind-blowing, it's like finding the Virgin Mary on toast. It's something that the mind looks for and makes up in its head. 


                     Although, the date is kind of fun right? I mean, this will happen once in your lifetime (Unless you're born today and live to be 100, but you wouldn't be reading this. Babies don't have permission to read my blog). There's even an 11/11/11 thriller movie that just came out today, and I just found about the damn thing today. 


                     Some say that this is the start of the metaphysical 2012 year, although really, the mayans didn't make predictions of a doomsday. In reality, these started when Christian missionaries started to make interpretations. Still, what keeps the myth alive is internet-dwellers (damn you, brainless people!). Well, that's all I can really say about the subject, so, prepare your super epic wishes and hope they become true (and that kind of shit). 

I want 20 of her, my age.