Monday, November 21, 2011

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5: Great "Found Footage" Films

                       All right, so many of you have seen the "Found Footage" genre of horror films. It all started a long way back, and lost its popularity until after the Blair Witch Project came out. After that, it found its way unto the big screen again with Rec. So, let's look at a few jewels of this genre...

5: REC

                      REC is a Spanish movie which is supposedly shot from the point of view of a cameraman. It starts with him and a reporter going to a mission with a bunch of firemen. So, they get into the department building, and everybody's scared. When the guys go upstairs, they find out that people started turning into a sort of rabid zombie, and stay downstairs. They keep going upstairs to kill some of them again, but in the end everybody dies.

Of course, the sexy lady dies last.
                      What makes this movie good is the tension of being in a building with crazy people (and zombies) and not being able to go outside (you tried to get out and you got shot). Everybody starts to panic, and even when professionals are sent in, they start to panic and get infected. In the end, the cameraman sacrifices his life to save the reporter, who ends up dying anyways (but she lives in the second film anyways)(YOU CANNOT SAY THAT THESE ARE SPOILERS IF ALL OF THIS HAPPENED YEARS AGO).

Sexy lady right there, last to die.
4: Cloverfield

                       This is the first movie of this style I got to see (I was about 13 years old). It was awesome to see the destruction of New York by a huge monster (that turns out to be a baby). So, this dude has a party, and then tries to escape with his friends, and they die one by one in a horrible way. So, the dude in the end rejoices with his girlfriend (or friend, It's not very well defined) and then gets nuked with the monster baby.

This could be the size of a lizard or huge as shit.
                       The movie was great because there was a lot behind it. Everybody wondered what the creature was, where it came from, why it had smaller creatures on it, what those were, what the thing that fell from the sky in the beginning was, and a lot more. It was a huge conspiracy, and when they mentioned that the Clover monster was a baby, you can only imagine where it comes from. Damn Lovecraftian theories, huh?

What's that in the sky right there?

3: Paranormal Activity

                       This one beats Cloverfield in the list, because, although it didn't mean the revival of Found Footage, it was one of the scariest movies ever made. Many people got heart attacks just watching it (I actually pissed my pants of laughter). The end was just funny as hell. 

Nobody's actually sure about what's going on.

                        The thing that made this movie awesome was the fact that people were stupid enough to actually get scared of what was happening (nothing). I think that for what the girl was doing, ghosts would have been scared. But that's just me. 

Whoa, there's a shadow there. Hand me the shotgun.

2: Cannibal Holocaust

                      Now, this. This is the first film of the genre to exist. The movie's one of the most violent ever, and, many people were scared to hell with it. It's about a guy who goes to the amazon to meet cannibal tribes and rescue somebody, and then has his team killed in horrible ways. 

Although this looks old, it's actually an 80's film.

                      The film is banned in a lot of countries because of its graphic violence. Some thought it was a snuff film because the special effects were so good. For example, there's a scene where they stab a girl with a huge stick all the way through her body (you can imagine where it starts and where it ends). Many thought it was real. They really had a woman sit on a stick (of course, with a mounted seat) and hold the other end of the stick with her mouth. There were also animal abuse scenes where they really killed animals, and that made the film both deeply disturbing and graphicly violent. Also, there were rumors that the director had actually disappeared, which added credibility to the film. 

I'm not allowed to actually put a picture of the girl, but here's a poster.

1: The Blair Witch Project

                      Without this movie, the genre would actually be dead. The movie's about a bunch of students who enter the woods searching for information about a witch. They find a bunch of weird stuff and disappear. In the end, like in all found footage films, everybody died. 

I still have no idea what this means.

                      Now, what makes this film so incredible is the campaign the moviemakers had made. They had grabbed a few cinema students and told them to disappear from everywhere. They couldn't go out, they couldn't anything. They promoted the film, saying it was actual lost footage that they found in the woods. This made a lot of people actually look for the film. The movie's budget was 25 grand, and they ended up with almost 25 million dollars. Talk about results, huh?

Imagine, promotion like this, big earning, my friend.