Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Book Review: Basta De Historias!

                   This book was written by an Argentinian journalist called Andres Oppenheimer. The author of this book traveled around the world, visiting countries that are rising economically, and then countries that have potential to do better. He visits places like China, Singapore, South Korea, and India, and also places like Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, and Venzuela. 

                    The author explains how Latin Americans have an obsession with history, while Asians and others around the world are obsessed with the future. He gives us examples of how other countries invest a lot of money on education, took away vacation time, added studying hours, and how that helped those countries turn into world powers in mere decdes. For example, South Korea was an agrarian country, which, with the constant threat by the North Koreans, started to compete to rise above them in terms of power. 

Motherfucking Seoul.
                    The book gives us a lot to think about. Yes, this is directed to Latinos. If we want to progress, economically, we have to stop making philosophers and make engineers. For every engineer there's 3 psychologists, but the opposite is true in Asia. I highly reccomend people read this book, it's going to leave you pondering all day long. 

Yeah, he's not the other Oppenheimer, but he's good, man.