Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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How The Monkeysphere Works

                        Many of you guys wouldn't really know what the monkeysphere is, because it's not something that is usually discussed on a daily basis. Just so you know what I'm talking about, let me give you a situation. Imagine you had one son. Call him Joe. Imagine you and Joe have great times together, and you have a special connection. Now, imagine Joey dies. You'd be very damn sad, would you?

                        Now, let's say you have four other sons. James, Sam, Alex and Troy. Each one has his own personality and his own connection with you. You'd still be sad if they died. Now, imagine you had a hundred sons. Could you remember each one's name, personality, personal connection with you, face, and other stuff? No. How many people can you know before they just become an endless sea of faces? You'd think this is a rhetorical question, but there is a number to that answer. 

                        Scientists started analyzing monkey brains. Now, the bigger the brain, the bigger the social groups it would have, right? It makes sense. So, monkeys operate in troupes of 50, usually. So, somebody gave them a larger brain, and the scientists saw that the species could have a group of 150. What creature was this? Well, nothing more or less than homo sapiens.

                        But, you're thinking, what about the 700 people I know on Facebook? Well, tell me, how many of those people you actually remember. I can bet that, if you browse through your friends, you'll be surprised at how many people you haven't seen in what can be years. 

                        Think about the janitor. Let's say he's from where you work. Let's say the janitor always cleans the men's room. Now, imagine you almost slipped because the floor was wet. You just wiped your foot and ran away, although you knew that the janitor could slip and hurt himself. You didn't care to tell him, or to grab a bunch of paper and at least clean it with your foot. Why? The janitor is outside of your monkeysphere. 

                        So, as you can infer, the monkeysphere is the group of people that's important to us, that we can actually see as people. The rest of the world could be a soulless face to you if you stared at it. It's like when you were a kid and ran into your teacher at McDonalds. You were surprised that that thing had a life. Oh wait, it's not a thing, it's a person, except that she's not in your monkeysphere. 

                        Why is it important to know this? Well, it's just the reason society doesn't work. Let me explain. Would you feel sadder if your mother died, or if a girl accidentally stepped on an electrical cable and got shocked to death? It's the first, right? That's because the closer somebody is to your monkeysphere, the closer that person is to you. 

                        I'm not saying you should care for those random people that die every day. What I want is you to notice the double standard that you have with people within your atmosphere and those out of it. I'm not saying that you'd really go out of your way to be mean to a stranger, but you wouldn't go out of your way to be mean to a dog (unless you really hate dogs). 

                       This is how big-time religions keep people under control with "morality". They say that if you hurt somebody, you hurt God, Allah, whatever, it makes you control your emotions, preventing chaos, and really, it's effective, it's one of the best things religion has done, it's almost like a law to obey. These guys weren't inspired by the allmighty. They understood the monkeysphere. 

                       I will give you another example. The government. Whenever the radio talks about the government, it sounds like a huge, faceless monster ready to take whatever you have, although it's really just an organization made by people. The same goes for multinational corporations. 

                      Now, here's the thing. You can't worry about six billion strangers. It's impossible. Problem is, they can't worry about you either. If they can be benefited by something that can end up screwing you, they'll take the opportunity. Imagine Adolf Hitler. Do you see a man with a ridiculous hairstyle and moustache, or do you see a man who loved art, cinema, was extremely intelligent, and was a fan of Disney? I bet you imagined the first. Well, that's what other people think of you. They see a face, no personality, no history, just a face. We're all a bunch of Hitlers to the world.

                      So, why do we obey the laws of something that's based on monkeys? We're evolutionary cousins. Monkeys don't really interact with people outside their groups. That's why they rarely go to war. Now, if everybody just got their share, and shared it with those in their group, without actually having a conflict with somebody outside of the monkeysphere, there wouldn't be trouble in the world. Unfortunately, there's racism, religious intolerance, etc. 

                       Can you do anything about all of this I just revealed to you? No. To everybody, you'll keep being the soulless sack of meat you are. Of course, this also means that you can enjoy life without worrying, because really, the consequences are small. Just make for yourself and those in your monkeysphere the best you can, and everything will be smooth-sailing. So just, live, love, respect, and thrive.