Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Misunderstood Villains: Hannibal Lecter

                    All right, so yesterday I was watching the movie Hannibal Rising, and I got this idea for a new kind of blogpost: Misunderstood Villains. So, many of you know Hannibal as one of the greatest villains to ever exist. He's a brilliant psychiatrist with a knack for being a serial killer. Oh yeah, he's also a cannibal. Many view him as one of the sickest villains to ever appear on screen, but, many people haven't really analyzed his situation well. 

That right there? Samurai mask.

                    In WWII, he was an opressed jew who lived with his parents and little sister in Lithuania. He was just a little boy, and one day, they came to occupy his house, where the Nazis failed. Everybody died except for Hannibal and his little sister. He protected her for the following days, and even drove the wolves away from eating his parents' corpses.


                    After a few days, some Nazi soldiers arrived and took over the house. They stayed there for a while, and sent troops to search for food. When they didn't find any, they examined the kids, to see which one had more meat, and they took Hannibal's little sister. He tried to stop them, but couldn't. One soldier was "good" enough to convince them to kill her outside. They then fed her to everybody, including Hannibal. 

Mishca's last moment.

                     He grew up as an orphan, then a smart student, with an interest in medicine. He was still angry at the men who killed and ate his sister, and started to hunt them down, one by one, with the help of his legal aunt of Asian origin, who had a lot of Bushido equipment in her house (she was a samurai, basically). With every man Hannibal kills, he starts to slowly lose his humanity, but he never loses his desire to avenge the death of Mishca (his sister). He killed the leader of the troupe after eating his cheeks (the part that the leader ate from Mishca). 

That guy right there? Leader of the troupe.

                    After that, he's jailed and is used to help the FBI catch criminals. In one case he was the culprit (but he was already locked up, so it was all right anyways). In the other case, he helps an agent in training to catch Buffalo Bill, in exchange for information about her unhappy childhood. In the end, he escapes, killing anybody who got in his way. 
Now there's the Hannibal we know and love.

                     What Lecter was really looking for is to seal up the Mishca-shaped hole that the Nazis left in his heart, and find true love. After escaping from prison, he tries to escape from a few henchmen that caught him, and Clarice Starling, who keeps trying to arrest him. He imprisons her and tries to change her into Mishca with mind altering drugs. He couldn't, but then invites her to a dinner, where the guest was the main course. They ate his brain together, and three years later, live together in Argentina. Hannibal Lecter had finally found true love and was finally at peace with himself, having never been able to forgive himself for having eaten his sister.

Now that right there's a man in love.